I am a visual artist working with a combination of traditional fine art media and new media. My work is all about pushing boundaries with materials, working with printmaking, photography and digital collage techniques to explore the fluid space between media where new creative possibilities emerge.  Through use of new technology and the process of digital layering, I aim to engage new audiences. Through my work I explore the hidden histories of sites, which includes investigating and drawing out stories of people and events of the past. In particular, I have focused on women’s stories, making the often ‘invisible’ visible. Looking back at women of the past provides a platform to talk about what it means to be a woman today. Historical research is an integral part of my practice supported by investigation of archive material and museum collections. Through my work I want people to think about the places they inhabit and their relationship with an intangible heritage. I use varied methods of presentation for my work including large format printing and digital projection.