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The work included here has been made in response to a collection of photographs of Scottish fisherwomen from the 19thand 20thcenturies. The photographs from Newhaven Heritage Centre’s collections document the lives offisherwomen who played an integral role in the Scottish fishing industry. I became interested in their story because these were groups of women who were earning money by working in the public domain at a time when many women were fighting for emancipation. Something which continues today, and is particularly relevant with this year being the centenary year of the first women gaining the right to vote.For the outcome of this project I created a series of digital images and a performance piece with projected video and audio track. The performance element highlights the physicality of their work. It was my intention for one action to flow into the next to highlight the ‘never-ending’ work undertaken by the women. They had a physically demanding job and their hands were never idle. This is also reflective of the wider debate on women’s work in general, which today can involve a professional career as well as home and caring duties.

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